The Highlands…covered

The last few years have seen a massive shift in buying both Home & Motor Insurance online. True, there are savings to be made as the volumes of business being written by certain providers are huge. But at what cost?

In most peoples lives, their home is their prize and perhaps largest asset. Add to this personal possessions built up over the years and it can add up to a sizeable amount at risk.

We will ensure that the cover you need is discussed in full. We will use our vast experience in both the industry and indeed in life itself to advise on aspects of cover you may not have considered. You can then make an informed decision, safe in the knowledge that you have been correctly advised.

We know of an example where an online insurer refused a claim in the first instance for an escape of water at a clients home. We advised that this was, in fact covered, and advised how to word a response to the Insurer – outwith what some would do perhaps but testament to our service. The Insurer concerned rather reluctantly agreed that this was covered and appointed suitable tradesmen to undertake the work. The cost? £3,000. Had we not been on hand to advise, the client would almost certainly have walked away.

Perhaps to a lesser extent, caution should be exercised in buying private car insurance online as we have heard similar horror stories.

Our aim is to be your first choice for all your requirements so why not contact us to discuss your needs?

Contact us it would be unlikely that we would not be able to assist.