The Highlands…covered

Insurance is an intangible cost. Always has been and always will be. At best all you get for your money is a receipt and perhaps a Certificate of Motor Insurance or Employers’ Liability Certificate. Even these can now be provided by email! So what do you get for your money?

The answer is simple. Claims Service.

When you contact us, we will take details of the claim and give any immediate advice or make any recommendations as to what should be done there and then. We will then intimate the claim, where possible, to the Insurer and confirm to you when this is done. At that point, we can be involved as much or as little is required. Some claims are straightforward and in these cases we should only be required to keep a watching brief on things so they continue to run smoothly.

However, if a claim is more complex , as is often the case, we are there at every stage to assist in moving the claim towards a conclusion. It is not unusual for us to spend 45 minutes per call or more discussing claims with either Insurers or Loss Adjusters – time you could spend concentrating on running your business or getting on with things. We also have the technical knowledge to have these discussions and know how to phrase or present things in the correct manner.

It is this, in reality, that you are paying for. Does you existing broker deal with claims in this manner?

If the answer is no, should you not be thinking about making contact with someone who offers this as standard?